Zootechnical Certificates

To find details on an Irish Warmblood select the type of search you request (Name, UELN, Microchip, Sire, Dam, or Second Microchip). And then type in the data you have (such as the horse's name).

The search results will include information on the horse's performance test results and genetic/genomic tests, if any.

A Zootechnical Certificate for an Irish Warmblood can be created upon request and emailed to you as a pdf file. The charge is €75. Please contact WSI to request a Zootechnical Certificate.

You also can use the free search box to find out if a microchip is associated with an Irish Warmblood. To search on a microchip number please enter the number in the Microchip field. If you do not get a result please select Second Microchip in the drop-down menu and re-enter the microchip number.