Key Dates in History of WSI

Autumn 2008:

Tom Reed, Dawn Kelly, and Claire Wood begin meeting with officials from the Department of Agriculture (DAFM) to discuss how a license could be granted to create and manage a new breed, the Irish Warmblood.

December 2008

A comprehensive application for a studbook license is submitted by Irish Warmblood Studbook Ltd to DAFM during the last week of the year.

19 March 2009:

The Irish Minister of Agriculture grants a license to Irish Warmblood Studbook Ltd to operate a studbook for the Irish Warmblood breed.

11 November 2014:

WSI becomes a Full Member of the WBFSH.

12 April 2017:

WSI members establish Irish Warmblood Foundation (IWF).

9 September 2017:

WSI and IWF hold the inauguralIrish Warmblood Festival.