Veterinary, DNA & Genomic Tests

Veterinary Exams

Prior to the start of Stage 2 Inspections a stallion must meet a number of veterinary requirements through clinical and radiographic examinations conducted by Troytown – GreyAbbey Equine Hospital on behalf of WSI. The stallion undergoes a five-stage clinical exam, and thirty radiographs are taken of his legs. The radiographic exams focus on heritable diseases and degenerative bone processes and diseases. The stallion also is tested to rule out several venereal diseases.

The stallion must be current on vaccinations for influenza and tetanus before he can be entered into the Stage 2 Inspection.

Parentage Verification

The stallion’s parentage is verified by DNA analysis if this has not already been done.

Genomic Tests

A genomic profile is created for stallions whose genetics are closely related to the reference population composed of KWPN and WSI horses. A Genomic Breeding Value (BV) for Osteochondrosis is calculated using the KWPN’s proprietary DNA-OC Test, and stallions that score a BV of 96 or above are awarded the D-OC predicate. In the future we expect additional genomic tests to be available to the WSI stallion approval process through our collaboration with the KWPN.

Stallions are tested for the mutated allele associated with Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome (WFFS1). The stallion's status is disclosed so mare owners can be sure not to breed their carrier mare to a carrier stallion. Stallions that are non-carriers are awarded the D-WFFS1 predicate.