Stallion Inspections

Stage 2 & Stage 3 Stallion Inspections

Stage 2 and Stage 3 Inspections are held on consecutive days. Stallions that pass the Stage 1 are invited to attend Stage 2, and stallions that pass Stage 2 are invited to attend Stage 3. Stage 2 and Stage 3 Inspections are conducted by the WSI Stallion Committee, which is composed of stallion inspectors from WSI and KWPN.

The format for Stage 2 is identical to Stage 1 (conformation and in-hand walk and trot assessment, and evaluation of movement and jumping ability either loose or under saddle).

Stage 3 is focused on the stallion’s stable behaviour, temperament, movement, athleticism, and jumping ability. The WSI Test Rider provides an independent assessment to the Committee of each stallion’s rideability and athleticism.

Further information about WSI’s stallion approval process can be found in the Stallion Owners Booklet and on the Selection Philosophy & Process page.