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Every mare sired by a stallion that is approved by a studbook that is a member of the World Breed Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH) can have her foals registered by WSI.

If your mare meets our criteria for approval she can be inspected and become an Approved Mare. She will be entered into the Approved Book along with Approved Stallions and Recognized Stallions.

If your mare meets the criteria for approval but you do not want to have her inspected she can be entered into the Studbook Mare Book of the WSI. The only difference between Approved Mares and Studbook Mares is that the Approved Mares have been inspected.

When your Approved Mare or Studbook Mare produces her first foal for WSI she is assigned a unique damline number. Every descendant of the mare, both male and female, is classified under this damline number.

If your mare does not meet the criteria for approval she can have her foals registered by WSI if the mare is sired by a stallion that is approved by a WBFSH member studbook. Your mare will enter the Genetic Development Program (GDP), and our inspectors will work with you to make the right stallions choices for your mare. With the right choices and all of us working together we hope to reach our goal: That a daughter or grand-daughter or Great-grand-daughter of your mare can become an Approved Mare.

WSI is committed to putting breeders back in the centre of the showjumping industry. We are are studbook for breeders and run by breeders. Join us today.


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